Race The Sun Review (PS4/PS3/Vita)

Taking on a star.

Aran Suddi, 30/10/2014 11:00 AM

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Enters The Fray Of War

Class Zero enters the battle.

Aran Suddi, 29/10/2014 07:24 PM

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass Trailer Shows Exclusive Atlas Gorge Map

Four map packs and bonus weapons incoming.

Aran Suddi, 28/10/2014 09:24 PM

Battlefield: Hardline Releasing March 19th In Europe

March 17th in North America

Aran Suddi, 28/10/2014 08:51 PM

Watch Us Play Lords Of The Fallen On PS4

Be prepared for a lot of game overs.

Aran Suddi, 28/10/2014 02:30 PM

40 Minutes Of The Tomorrow Children Gameplay Released, Has Jetpacks & Buses

Traverse the void.

Aran Suddi, 28/10/2014 12:50 PM

Lords Of The Fallen Review

Aran Suddi, 28/10/2014 08:00 AM

PlayStation 4's 2.0 Firmware Features Explained In New Video

Additions go live tomorrow.

Aran Suddi, 27/10/2014 02:25 PM

PS4's Share Play Feature Explained In Video Walkthrough

Sharing is caring.

Aran Suddi, 24/10/2014 11:26 PM

PS4 Firmware Update 2.0 Will Go Live On October 28th

Masamune incoming,

Aran Suddi, 23/10/2014 09:49 PM

NBA 2K15 Review


Aran Suddi, 22/10/2014 02:00 PM

Don't Die, Mr Robot Hits PS Vita On October 29th

He will though.

Aran Suddi, 21/10/2014 07:45 PM