Driveclub VR Officially Announced In Japan As PSVR Launch Title

Ready for launch.

Stefan L, 29/07/2016 10:49 AM, 10 comments.

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With the end of Evolution Studios’ time as part of Sony earlier this year, a lot of people were wondering what was happening with the VR off shoot to Driveclub that they’d been working on. Well, now we know a little bit more, as it’s just been officially announced as a Japanese launch title for PlayStation VR on October 13th, both as a retail and a digital release.

There’s little more information on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, and we’ll likely have to wait until an EU announcement for more, but Paul Rustchynsky, former game director on Driveclub, tweeted the following:

So, there’s new tracks to look forward to, but he declined to go further and explain just how much of Evolution’s work has remained and how much has been done since their departure.

Source: JP PS Blog via Videogamer, Rushy


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