Destiny's Age Of Triumph Event Revisits Its Older Raids

The finest hour.

Stefan L, 09/03/2017 02:17 PM, one comment.

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With Destiny 2 drawing ever closer – but still not formally announced – Bungie are taking their first MMO on a victory tour to celebrate the impressive legacy it has built over the last few years. It’s had a few rocky patches, but millions and millions of players have logged in on a daily basis to complete bounties, do a few Strikes and team up with others for the game’s six-player Raids.

It’s those Raids that have been the best thing about the game, and it’s these that the Age of Triumph event, the last major update that the game will see, will celebrate. One of the main complaints, as the game has been expanded, its maximum Light Level has increased and new armour and guns have appeared, is that this content has been largely left behind. Age of Triumph solves that, bringing Raids up to the current highest difficulty level of 390 light and adding challenge modes to Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. The Atheon Challenge has been described by Bungie as their most difficult yet.

However, Age of Triumph is more than just raids back up to a current Light level and adding rewards to fit – these go up to the game’s current maximum Light of 400 – but also a new record book of rewards that will track all your accomplishments and things you’ve seen in the game’s life.

The only thing you can carry forward to Destiny 2 will be your Guardian’s customised look – my blue lady with her diagonal red mohawk will ride off into space again! – so all of this is really more of a celebration, a final hurrah for a game that has given so many hundreds, if not thousands of hours of enjoyment.

Check out yesterday’s livestream here, but Bungie will be following up with streams next Wednesday and the Wednesday after, to showcase the new and returning weekly content, as well as what the possibly final Sandbox update will entail.

Source: Bungie Twitch


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