What We Now Know From Destiny 2's Gameplay Reveal

Spoilers: we lost.

Stefan L, 18/05/2017 07:05 PM, 13 comments.

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Destiny is back, and it looks bigger and better than ever. Today’s gameplay reveal brought an awful lot of new information. If you can’t be bothered to watch the stream, of reckon you might have missed something, just scroll down to see everything we now know about the game!

The First Mission and Story

Homecoming is the name of the first mission in the game, and while we’ve known for a while, since the game’s announcement in fact, that the tower falls, that the last city and beacon of humanity is torn down.

It turns out you get to play through this climactic moment, as the Cabal Red Legion under the control of Dominus Ghaul launch a huge assault on the city, pushing the guardians back while a huge ship of some sort manages to shackle the Traveller and remove the light from all the Guardians.

Ghaul felt that the Traveller should have blessed the Cabal with its Light, but you can reclaim that light, getting the Vanguard back together. In fact, it’s fascinating to see the presence of Zavala, Ikora and Cayde within the mission. It’s those three that you want to bring back together through the story, perhaps helping them rediscover the light.

Through the rest of the story, there’s going to be tons and tons of new cinematics, more story missions, new worlds, more three player strikes and a new raid. Incidentally, the first Strike to be announced is called The Inverted Spire, set on Nessus, seeing you fight through the Red Legion, the Vex and finally tackle a three stage boss.

Your Character, Abilities and Weapons

You can import your characters from Destiny, they just have to have completed the Black Garden story mission and reached level 20. However you’ll be starting your character progression from scratch and have tons of new abilities to discover. The Warlock’s new super is the Dawnblade, a solar sword that can fire projectiles, the Sentinel for the Titan, a Captain America Void shield, and a lightning staff for the Hunter in Arcstrider. Note that all three get melee-based supers, and there will certainly be other elemental supers to discover.

Weapons have been reworked to fit new categories including Kinetic weapons, Energy and Power weapons. Some can straddle these categories, such as a hand cannon being a Kinetic weapon while a hand cannon with an elemental effect being an Energy Weapon. We’ll see new things like mini guns and grenade launchers.

There also seems to be more ancillary abilities that you can make use of, looking at the HUD.

The Worlds and Activities

There are four new planets and locations to discover in Destiny 2: Earth and its European Dead Zone, Nessus, Titan and Io. The EDZ sees the creation of a new human refuge after the collapse of the city, while Ikora, Zavala and Cayde have gone to a different planet. Bringing that band back together will see you travelling to each planet. They look fantastic, from Titan’s raging seas that batter ancient manmade structures to Io, the last place the Traveller touched.

The open world maps are much bigger now, oh, and you actually have a map to look at this time. It’s more than just patrols, with NPCs that can hand out side missions, or Adventures, and mark locations on your map, Lost Sectors, that are dungeons with a cache of treasure and a boss to defeat.

Best of all, there’s no returning to orbit to go between locations or start an activity. Just pick it from the map and you can head straight there.

The Crucible

The Crucible returns, but it’s smaller than before, if that makes sense. All modes are now 4v4, which I actually think could be a step back from the first game. Even so, they’re clearly rethinking the multiplayer around these smaller battles, and a new game mode called Countdown will be Destiny’s first attack-defence game mode.


Clans are finally being brought into the game, with full support right there on your gaming machine without having to head to a browser. That makes them an awful lot more relevant!

So you’ve got in-game rosters, tools to manage your clan, the ability to create custom banners and more. You also share progression and rewards with your clans, giving you impetus to play, both together and alone, with all your gaming efforts going into the collective pot.

Clans are also Bungie’s gateway to helping people play co-op activities like Nightfall strikes and Raids without having to get friends together.

Co-op for Everyone

Guided Games is a new feature in the game. This is a way for clans to open the gates for others to join a group with a free spot or for solo players to browse available clan groups that they might like to join for a Nightfall strike, Raid or more. It’s a neat sounding system without becoming a free for all LFG system.

The PC Version

Destiny is coming to the PC for the first time, and will tie into Blizzard’s online network instead of using Steam. The PC version will go above and beyond the console releases, allowing for 60fps play and above, with an uncapped framerate, where the consoles are locked at 30fps – this includes PS4 Pro and Scorpio, which will be 4K30.

Of course, there will also be full mouse and keyboard support, text chat, an adjustable field of view and 21:9 monitor support, as reported by Glixel.

When and Where to Play

If you don’t happen to be at the event, there’s a beta test coming this summer prior to launch. You can probably expect this to be tied to game pre-orders.

The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One on September 8th, while the PC version may lag behind as Bungie are simply saying it’s “coming soon”. As with the original, there will be exclusivity periods for DLC for PlayStation 4.

Updated 22/05/17 – Added clarity to PC version and characters.


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