Forza 7 And Driveclub Go Head To Head In PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One X Comparison Video

The rain is falling.

Aran Suddi, 15/06/2017 08:19 PM, 16 comments.

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Over the weekend Microsoft gave players around the world their first true look at Project Scorpio, now officially called Xbox One X, and one of the games to showcase the console was the newly announced Forza Motorsport 7. The Xbox One X is no doubt a powerful machine and Forza 7 does look impressive.

But YouTuber Cycu1 decided to see how it compared to Driveclub on the PS4 Pro using boost mode, and focused on the rain effects of each game. You can see the results for yourself below.

Of course there are caveats to this. On the Xbox One X Forza 7 is running at 60fps which will have an affect on some of the effects, while Driveclub is running at around 30fps. What this comparison does show as well is that both consoles have racers that do look good and generally play really well.

Source: YouTube


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