The First Gameplay Footage Of Hunt: Showdown Shows You'll Need To Watch Out For Beasts And Other Players

Danger lurks everywhere;

Aran Suddi, 16/06/2017 08:16 PM, one comment.

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Hunt: Showdown was re-revealed last month following a name change from Hunt: The Gilded Age. At the time all we really new was that you’d be hunting beasts and possibly other people, but some new footage from YouTuber MathChief shows players will be hunting in pairs, and the hunt will focus on both beasts and players.

In a match each team is tasked with hunting down a boss through finding clues and investigating them. But while the hunt for clues seems simple enough it is the threats that loom ahead that should worry. Monsters could be protecting them and other teams could already be in the area. It is a survival game where supply management matters. Being taken down however doesn’t mean permanent death as your team mate can revive you, though some health will be lost.

A release date for Hunt: Showdown is to be confirmed.

Source: YouTube


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