Online Multiplayer Title Fishing Planet Is Heading To PS4

Go fish.

Aran Suddi, 09/08/2017 09:17 PM, 4 comments.

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Fishing is a hobby enjoyed by a lot of people as well as providing a career path for others. However you may not have really got into hooking some bait to a fishing rod to catch something in the water, but soon PS4 players will have a chance to catch virtual fish through Fishing Planet. Fishing Planet is an online multiplayer game that will be free to play, and it is currently in early access on Steam.

There are around 70 species of fish to catch with each having their own behaviours, mimicking those of their real life counterparts. There are 12 waterways to venture through while looking for fish, and online tournaments to take part in. A release date is to be confirmed.

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