Guerrilla Say It's "Too Early" To Talk About The Future Of Killzone

Will we ever say hello to the Helghast again?

Tuffcub, 14/08/2017 10:50 AM, 6 comments.

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Horizon Zero Dawn has been a huge success, an instant classic with a new PlayStation mascot in the shape of Aloy, but what does that mean for Killzone? The last game, Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita, was well received but Sony shut down developers Guerrilla Cambridge last January leaving only the main studio in Germany who are working on Horizon. Have we seen the last of the Helghast?

“It’s really heartwarming to hear that there’s such a strong appetite from the loyal Killzone fanbase”, comments  Guerrilla Games’ managing director, Hermen Hulst. “It’s a franchise and universe that we still love with a passion at Guerrilla. It hasn’t been easy doing something so completely different. Whether or not we’ve put a permanent period behind the series, it’s too early to make announcements on that. All I can say is that we’ve always loved the Killzone universe and the Killzone series, and we still do. We share that passion for the game with a lot of our fans.”

Killzone, along with Resistance, were key titles for Sony in the huge FPS market, but they do seem to be quite happy for third parties to fill that particular gap in their release schedule. The Killzone universe has plenty more stories to be told, not least a resolution to the cliffhanger found at the end of Killzone, so perhaps another studio could take over.

There are many F2P shooters on PS4, none of which seem to have a big install base so maybe tagging on the Killzone license could be winning idea. Or, even better, how about Resistance Vs. Killzone?

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