Monster Hunter World Patch 1.03 Out Now, Notes Are Here

Addresses something inappropriate.

Aran Suddi, 01/02/2018 02:53 PM, no comments.

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Capcom has released a new patch for Monster Hunter World, with it being labelled patch 1.03 on PS4, and patch on Xbox One. It’s a small patch, at least on PS4, weighing in at a tiny 85 MB, though if you’re updating the game for the first time the updates total to 930 MB. The patch addresses what Capcom are calling an inappropriate amount of research points or items being awarded, so expect that to change.

Other than there’s only a couple of other changes to worry about, and you can see them below.

Major Changes

  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes obtain an inappropriate amount of research points or items when completing bounties.
  • Fixed two issues concerning hunting horn actions.
    1. Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t perform a dodge cancel before the melody effects are applied during an Encore.
    2. Fixed an issue where a Performance would sometimes not trigger a shockwave attack.

Other Changes

The update will also include various minor bug fixes.

Source: Monster Hunter World official site. 


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