PlayStation 4: What We Played #242 The Division, The Witness & Halo 5

What We Played #242 The Division, The Witness & Halo 5

The funner the better.

Dominic Leighton, 26/02/2016 05:00 PM, 18 comments.

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It’s that time of the week again, and with Friday finally here you can embark once more on a weekend of gaming goodness. It’s always nice to round the week out though by asking what you’ve played, and what we’ve played, because, well, we like games. And we’re nosy.

Dave was the first to check in this week, and his continued to give his 3DS a walloping by essentially 100% completing Bravely Second (review). In between all that handheld RPGing, he found time for some further walloping of Street Fighter V (review), Far Cry Primal, and a bit of an Early Access foray on PC for his Acaratus preview. Meanwhile, he also watched his missus befriend robot pirates on the USS Constitution in Fallout 4, which he thought was “fascinating”. God Dave! Girls can play games too! Honestly, such a misogynist…

After preparing his body last week Miguel finally had the games he’s been lusting after these many months. With Street Fighter V being “fun”, Fire Emblem Fates being “funner”, and The Division beta being “funnest”. While for one thing we may have to re-evaluate our review scoring system – no, wait, isn’t that the same as Eurogamer? – despite that funnest rating he’s going to hold off diving into The Division for fear of another Destiny situation. He doesn’t elaborate, but I’m sure he doesn’t have to worry – The Division will undoubtedly keep its magical cave full of beanie hats.

Tuffcub has made no mention of the gym, at least not in the email he sent me. However, I did taunt him with pictures of cakes – which I may point out were protein-infused – so perhaps that’s why his missive is so short. However, it could also be because he’s been playing a super-secret little space game, where multi-coloured dinosaurs may or may not appear on planets that may or may not be there, depending on the tides and the moon. Or something. He’s also playing Heavy Rain on PS4, with a torrent of words likely to be falling from the heavens any day now. Well it makes a change from drip-feeding us information.

One of our TSA Podcast team has kindly dropped in on us, and Kev has been playing a whole load of The Witness (review), though with Nom Nom Galaxy freshly downloaded that’s likely to be his target this weekend which sounds pretty tasty!

Cael has been heading further down the rabbit hole. By this I mean he’s spent a lot of time in the university library…. playing Persona 4 Golden. While this may not be a conventional way to get a Masters Degree, he does at least see the irony; “Oddly I spend time studying in the game to do well in virtual education… Whilst sat in an educational institution based in reality.” If only all degrees merely required you to get good at a particular game… my PHD in Sega Rally should be here any day now.

Taking a trip back to the Stone Age, Jim got the week started with some Far Cry Primal (review) and hopes to clean up what few trophies remain. Speaking of trophies, he accidentally stumbled upon Rocket League’s platinum while also having bagged the top prize in Hitman GO (review) as well. One platinum trophy he can forget about, however, is that which belongs to Street Fighter V. Despite having hated the last game in Capcom’s flagship series, he’s really getting into it and hopes to make it a regular in his short list of go-to multiplayer titles.

As for me, I’ve been trying to close out some of my half-finished games which finally saw me finish Halo 5, with Rise Of The Tomb Raider nearly done as well. Beyond that I’ve been trundling through The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Action Henk and Pokkén Tournament for a few forthcoming reviews as well as making time for some musou manga action in Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend (review). It’s the first Dynasty Warriors style game I’ve played for a little while and I’m greatly enjoying it so far, which bodes well as I’ve still got Dragon Quest Heroes sat in its wrapper.

But! Enough about us! What have you been playing?


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