EA has revealed details about the next free update to hit Star Wars Battlefront II, and it is titled Night on Endor. This update will add a new mode called Ewok Hunt, available for a limited time, in which Stormtroopers and Ewoks do battle in the dark on the Ewok homeworld. Players can start either as an Ewok or Stormtrooper, but each time a Stormtrooper is taken out they become an Ewok. If all Stormtroopers are taken out then the Ewoks win.

In addition to Ewok Hunt the April 18th update will also see the return of microtransactions through Crystals. Crystals are purchased using real money but can only be used to purchase Appearances, aka skins. Some Crystals will also be rewarded when hitting in-game milestones. Appearances can also be bought using credits which are earned when playing the game.

Source: EA


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